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Wishing Butterfly Card

It is said that colors and symbols activate the right-brain

which conect with ones capability.

And butterflys have been symbolize for transformation and rebirth from ancient days.

The symbols and colors on this butterfly card will inspire your deep inside.

It is a great process like a transformation from chrysalis to butterfly.

Through the work with your chosed butterfly card, you will be able to gain your wings.

Once you gain your wings, you can change the way of doing everything.

Othres will notice to more sophisticated you.

Butterflys will support you that you will be with joy and harmony everytime.

So you can spread glorious light from your inside.

For your new journy♪

According my intution, I have been creating new cards one after another.

These special cards have another peculiarity.

These cards are fragrant. Please rub it gently.

These fragrance aloso invite you to the new begining.





☆☆☆ How to work with the card ☆☆☆


*Your favorite music will be efficient.

1.Take a deep breath to relax.

2.Close your eyes and imagine your inner garden.

3.Imagine that the butterfly is flying in your garden.

  Through butterfly's eyes and sense, explore the garden.

4.After enjoying the garden for a while, notice your backbone.

  Wihtout pain, your bach skin is open and the beautiful wings are molt.

  Spread out your wings and flap them.

5.You can fly to anywhere you want, with the grace of sun and wind.

  Let's begin your journy.

6.After enjoy your journy fully, come back here and now, then open your eyes.

  Your wings are with you anytime.



Top   Adept Program   Aura-Soma(R)    Session