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Aura-Soma Colour Care System

Self-Discovery Through Colour

You are the colour you chose.

Aura-Soma is a colour care system from UK. Beautiful 107 bottles containing colours, plants, and crystals energy, tell you message from your depth. Your enchanting bottles reflect the source of your soul.
From ancient days, human has absorb colour energy from clothes, jewelry, etc. For Example,special makeup and body painting for sacred rituals or festivals are way to receive or send some necesary energy or message.
If you utilize colours more conciously in daily life, you will understand deeper level in yourself, what you need, and what you want to express in this world.

Once you start to seek your inside, your inner star will twinkle brighter. This is a message from Bottle No.95 Gabriel. We must brighten own star to fill inside with light. Then our light will burst out. To bring Heaven on to the Earth, it is essential process.

Aura-Soma ConsultationiPrivate Sessionj@@@
Four Bottles, you chose will show you your truth, your native gift, present situation, and future possibility. I will translate colour message for you.@Question and Offer

First Step for Aura-Soma System @@
For the person who has interested in Aura-Soma. Through using products of Aura-Soma, I will introduce healing effect of them. And read the meaning of your chosed bottles.@3hours~Qdays@FeeF10,000yen

Course for official certification@@
Question and Offer
Aura-Soma Academy will publish official certification.
Level 1ifoundationj@6hours 6days FeeF120,000yen
In this course, you will learn about the meaning and how to use for basic products of Aura-Soma, equilibrium bottles pomanders, and quintessences. And practice for basic method of Aura-Soma consultation.

Level2 (intermediate)@6hours 6days@FeeF120,000yen
In this course, you will brush up your basic knowledge learned at Level1. You will learn about the connection between Aura-Soma colour care system with traditional wisdom like astrology and numelology etc. Your consultation will become more profound. To attend this level you had to complete level1 3 or more months before.

Level3(advance)@6hours 6days FeeF120,000yen
In this course, you will brush up your knowledge from level 1 and 2. To improve your consultation skill, investigate the language of the colours throug master bottles, and learn about the connection between tarot and tree of life. To attend this level, you must present intermediate essey.

Workshop@@@Questions and Offer
For students for all Levels.@@@every month@1,000yen^Q-Rhours@@

All clases will be hold at Nara(Ayameike).
Acoording to the request, I will trip anywhere in Japan.In this case, I will charge extra cost.

This Site Owner Apri is Aura-Soma Level3 teacher authorized by Academy of Aura-Soma.

As I learned about Aura-Soma more, I confirme more that the colours and numbers are gift from God to human being. We can understand myself and this world deeper through understanding of colours and numbers. With using these sacred tools, we can aproach own sacred area and then live Thy Will joyfuly This is message from Bottle No.94 Michael.

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